Engagement and Development: Naoise McHugh on training class reps

Naoise McHugh is a final year multimedia student in DCU and the former class rep believes his social skills and determination are what qualify him for the role of VP for Engagement and Development.

McHugh hopes to make his mark in the new role by introducing new training programmes for class reps, convenors and clubs and socs members.“I’m really excited about this being the first year of the position,”he said.

By introducing these training programmes, he hopes that students will develop the proper skill set they need in order to undertake the position they’re working in.

If elected, McHugh also intends to introduce time management workshops which will help students to learn how to manage their time in order to engage in extra curricular activities and make the most of their time in college.

McHugh also hopes to extend the Clubs and Socs Fair which is currently a three-day event into a week long event and to make it happen across all campuses. He says that even though the current Clubs and Socs Fair is three days long, “students still struggle to make it” to the event.

Implementing nutrition talks and post-match/training session muscle recovery workshops for the sports teams in DCU is something that he feels is critical in “helping the fantastic athletes and teams we have here in DCU”.

“The biggest thing I want to do is to get all campuses involved. Whether you’re based in St. Pats, Glasnevin or Mater Dei, I want students to be able to go from one campus to another and know that there are things going on in all of their campuses,” he said.

McHugh is also hugely in favour of the USI and has attended two of their Pink Training events and has also gotten to know members of the board very well. He says he has had “nothing but good experiences in his dealings with them”.

Getting students who are in heavier workload courses involved in extra curricular activities and with the Students’ Union is another one of the main goals McHugh hopes to achieve if elected as he says, “the core of my time in DCU has always been extra curricular activities”.

Among the other proposals that McHugh hopes to implement are coffee mornings for Class Rep and the careers service with regular informal meetings to get everyone more engaged in what is going on.  McHugh also proposes to create inter club events to get the various clubs engaging with each other as he feels this is currently “non-existent”.

McHugh is passionate about responsiveness and if elected he aims to reply to all queries students have timely and effectively and says that he would “encourage all other SU members to do the same”.

“Students should vote for me because I am really really committed to this job, I’m going to bring absolute enthusiasm to the new role and I’m #NotDuckingAround”.

Aisling McCabe

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