Humanities students shouldn’t have to defend the quality of degrees all convenor candidates agree

Intra placements across all courses in the humanities faculty made up a significant part of each of the four convenor candidates opening addresses during hustings.

Every candidate spoke about the need for an Intra placement across all schools in the faculty to allow students to gain more experience and to give them a better opportunity to secure employment in their degree field.

Mentioned during the question session was what was the candidate’s opinion of the stigma associated with the faculty in regards to claims students do less work for their degree. All candidates strongly dismissed this idea.

Matthew McFadden said that students were making an effort while Aoife McArdle dismissed the claim as inaccurate and asked why there is a need for humanities students to explain themselves.

Current conveyor Jordan Kavanagh asked what the candidates believed were his weaknesses during the year. All commended his setting up of the humanities ball and said they hoped to continue on his great work with Carmel Kenny saying she “couldn’t fault him on anything”.

Caoimhe Ni Mhoalagáin mentioned her frustration in having to find out for herself if she was eligible to run for the position as her course falls across both the humanities and business faculties.

Jennifer Purdy and Emma Duffy

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