Restaurant review: Cornucopia

The Cornucopia symbolises an abundance and richness of foods and flavours, and Cornucopia restaurant in the heart of Dublin city is no exception to the definition.

Located on Wicklow Street, nestled between two of Dublin’s busiest streets, Grafton Street and South William Street, Cornucopia Wholefood and Vegetarian restaurant is renowned for being one of the few vegan and vegetarian joints in town.

Cornucopia provides diners with fresh and varied vegetarian options, from lentil shepherd’s pie, vegan cheese lasagnes, veggie full Irish breakfast, chocolate chilli casserole and the widest varied of salads you could find anywhere but Chopped.

The menu changes every day with five different mains to choose from and copious amounts of snacks and sides.

The meals are served canteen style in a casual, warmly decorated downstairs area where you can take the perfect Instagram picture of your alternative meal against the funky patterned wallpaper.

The restaurant is a favourite for lunchtime diners, due to its location and quick serving style.

Grab a handful of cutlery from the display and settle into your meat-free meal under the low hanging ornate mini chandeliers.

Take your meal up the narrow staircase for a quieter, more intimate setting on the airy first floor, where a large bay window overlooks the hustle and bustle of Wicklow Street below.

The restaurant is an ideal spot for a casual lunch or for when you are looking for something that bit healthier. Cornucopia is also a great place for new and veteran vegetarians to get amazing unique new meal ideas to try out themselves. Vegans also need not fear, there are always vegan options on Cornucopia’s menu, a rarity in the Irish restaurant game.

The restaurant also recently launched a range of detoxing juices, with flavours such as ginger and beetroot. Their in-house cold pressed juices are made to order and vary in fruit and flavour. You can also get your daily (or annual) wheatgrass shot mixed up right in front of you.

Cornucopia isn’t all about eating a saintly diet of wheatgrass and lemon water. On the contrary, Cornucopia boasts a balance of sumptuous, cruelty-free desserts such as vegan chocolate fudge cake, gluten free hazelnut brownies as well as their range of organic wines.
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