Donoghue says Academic Affairs will be last political role

New Academic Affairs and previously Education Officer, James Donoghue, spoke to the College View to describe how he felt that he completed a number of topics on his manifesto, this year’s campaign experience and how he will say goodbye to politics after next year.

Donoghue said that he was very pleased to have introduced, “Careers week” in DCU as it had been an important point in his original manifesto when he ran in 2015.

He said, “I suppose the main point of my manifesto last year would have been careers…and I didn’t have to tip into the SU fund.”

He went on to say that the Career’s Week was a huge success this year and it is now expected to become an annual event.

“It looks like it’s going to be a weekly event every year now hopefully,” Donoghue said.

When asked about how he will manage his time between both of DCU’s campuses next year he said he will split it evenly between the two campuses and will have another SU member stand in on the days he’s not present.

“It will be difficult but hopefully, next year, we will have a system where I’ll be in Pat’s one day and the Education and Placement office will be up in my office to fill the void left by me on those days.”

Speaking on how his campaign experience differed from last year, Donoghue said that it was not as exciting as the previous year because all of his friends had graduated and left college and couldn’t help with the campaign.

He said, “My campaign was poor…to campaign again was extremely difficult and I found it far more difficult because a lot of my friends had graduated and moved on from college so it was tough to even put a team together.”

Donoghue said he is looking forward to taking on the role of Academic affairs, however he added that this will be his “last time in politics in both DCU and in politics as a whole.”

Paul Dwyer

Image Credit: Laura Horan

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