Holidaying with your other half

So you haven’t been on a sun holiday since you hit Santa Ponsa with the girls back in 2013. Now suddenly the other half has surprised you with a week in Portugal for your 21st. Gem.

Although he’s seen you in your underwear before, we all know a bikini is a completely different story not to mention, that one hair that seems to appear where you never thought girls grew hair, ew. If you are worried about your bikini body, full swim suits are back in fashion and the best place to look for these is in vintage shops, like Nine Crows. Buy a hat. No, the straw hat that you wore to Avicii won’t do, you’re going to Portugal not Texas, a nice fedora or a cap will come in handy when you catch a glimpse of your reflection and realise your beach waves are just matted, sand, knots.

Sun cream, sun block, sun lotion, whatever you call it, bring it and wear it.There is nothing worse than having to get him to bathe you in chamomile lotion 2 days in.

Oh and don’t forget to ‘check in’ at the airport before you go or the whole holiday will never actually happen.


Amy Doyle

Image Credit: Wallpaperwide

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