USI study finds female graduates more employable than males

Females are more likely to secure employments after graduating according to a survey conducted by the USI.

The survey found that twenty seven per cent of females were successful in securing employment after graduation compared to twenty one per cent of males.

The survey also found that the vast majority of students are worried about securing employment after graduating and many felt their degree does not properly prepare them to find future employment.

Seventy six per cent of students surveyed all over Ireland by the USI answered “yes” when asked “Are you anxious and troubled over actual or potential problems about finding employment after you graduate?”.

Only twenty six per cent of students feel their course has sufficiently prepared them for seeking employment upon finishing their degree.

Though the latest CSO figures showed a slight decrease in under twenty five’s signing on, over thirteen thousand young people are still unemployed long-term.

James Doorely, deputy director of The National Youth Council of Ireland has called for more resources to be allocated to solve the problem of long-term unemployment for young people.

“Policy measures need to focus primarily on this group, to support them into a quality education, training or work experience that leads to sustainable and decent employment”, he said.

He went on to raise concerns about the Youth Guarantee Scheme and how it needs a reboot to help deal with the issue.

The scheme is designed to ensure that any young person unemployed for four months or more is guaranteed a quality education, training or work experience place. A renewed emphasis on this valuable scheme, and the political will to implement it fully, is urgently needed,” concluded Mr Doorley.


Jennifer Purdy

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