REVIEW: The Lumineers at the Olympia

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The Lumineers are currently on tour and this week they took to the stage of the Olympia Theatre in Dublin to perform in front of hundreds of their loyal Irish fans. For a group of boys from Colorado who are still growing in popularity, they did not disappoint.

The band is patently known best for their top selling single ‘Ho Hey’ which was released in 2012. The single spent eight weeks at number one on Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs Chart while, ‘Stubborn Love’,  the group’s second single, would also see two 4-week runs atop the Adult Alternative Songs chart.

Surprisingly enough however, the group performed ‘Ho Hey’ as one of their opening songs, a song which was expected to close the show. Instead, it was ‘Stubborn Love’ that drew the curtains on the live performance.

The boys put out a very energetic performance themed with colourful lights and dry ice making it an immensely captivating production. From the minute they walked on stage the crowd was engaged in their showcase.

The highlight of the night was their intimate performance of ‘Ain’t nobody’s Problem But My Own’ in which they removed all of their microphones and amplifiers and asked the crowd to be quiet. They bellowed out the song to a silent theatre of fans with no help from their microphones. The fans were in awe as they sang along to the chorus and the gig felt like a cosy session in a friend’s backyard.

The only downfall of the night was that when the boys sang their final song and the inevitable chants from the crowd yelled “one more song”, they refused to play anything else. It was expected that they might have performed ‘Ho Hey’ once more at the end but the group seemed to be in a hurry to get off the stage which was to the dismay of the fans.

The show began at 9pm and was expected to last until between half ten and eleven but the crowd found themselves exiting the theatre by twenty five past ten awaiting taxis home.

Overall the night was excellent and The Lumineers certainly proved that they were just as good live as they are in the recording studio. They are definitely predicted to be one of the next big bands in the coming years.

Aisling McCabe

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