New digs licence agreement published by Students’ Union

“The agreement will ensure transparency and protection to students who often don’t know their rights."

A new licence agreement has been published by DCU Students’ Union for students living in digs, which will inform them of their rights on issues such as rent reviews, deposits, cost of meals and insurance. 

The agreement outlines how much the student will pay to the landlord each month, the deposit amount, cost of meals, rent review, contents, insurance, whether they may have pets, whether they can live in the property during weekends, their minimum notice period, what areas of the house they may use, and household costs, amongst other things.

All DCU students received an email from outgoing DCUSU Welfare Officer, Domhnaill Harkin explaining the licence agreement which was drawn up by the SU’s solicitors.

“This agreement will ensure our students now have legal protection when they live in digs, if disputes ever arise over issues such as rent payment, notice to leave or other issues,” Harkin told The College View.

The agreement now gives students full legal protection. However both the student lodger and the landlord must sign the agreement for it to be deemed valid.

To use the licence agreement, students must print and present it to prospective landlords and inform them that they will be using it, while looking for digs.

Any digs providers who advertise their property through DCUSU this year will “know they have to agree to sign this agreement with their student,” Harkin stated in the email.

“It is the condition of advertising through the SU. Any student who finds digs outside the SU has the same right to use this agreement too,” he explained.

The majority of students living in digs have no formal agreement with their landlord, the email stated.

“The agreement will ensure transparency and protection to students who often don’t know their rights,” Harkin said.

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