Clubs and Socs week relocates to DCU sports centre

Clubs and Socs Week will take place from Monday the 26th to Wednesday the 28th of September in the DCU Sports Centre on Glasnevin Campus, with an additional day being held in St Patrick’s College on Thursday. 

It had been moved from its usual setup in the Hub due to the ongoing reconstruction of DCU’s new Student Centre.

Clubs and Socs made the decision of where to relocation over the summer of where the new venue of the annual week would be held.

“We thought the Sports Complex would be the best, in a sense that everyone’s together,” Societies Officer, Luke O’Riordan said.

Mr. O’Riordan noted that this year would be “something different” from previous years because of the new venue.

There are over seventy five different societies and more than forty five different clubs in DCU for students to choose from.

“It’s an opportunity for DCU students across all three campuses to come find their target soc or club,” O’Riordan said.

Another change implemented this year was the introduction of Give It a Go week, which took place last week from Monday to Thursday. Clubs officer, Sadhbh Candon had this idea at the forefront of her campaign last year. The week allowed Freshers to test out clubs and societies before joining up.

Several societies took advantage of this new opportunity including, the LGBTA Society, Dance Society, Journalism Society and Media Production Society, who all held meetings and activities throughout the week.

The Societies Officer urged first years to “get involved from the get go” in DCU’s clubs and societies, saying that this week was the best week of the year in DCU.

“Clubs and societies are going to be the thing that stands to them in terms of employment, in terms of memories and friendships,” he said.

Bronwyn O’Neill

Image Credit: Zainab Boladale

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