Campus websites merge as part of DCU incorporation

The websites of DCU, St. Patrick’s College, Mater Dei and Church of Ireland College were merged into one single DCU website on Monday September 19th, as part of the DCU Incorporation Programme.

The Programme is the planned coming together of the four institutions under a shared vision of a ‘NewDCU’.

As part of the process, a cross-institutional Web Group was established to control the transition from four individual and separate institutional websites, into one. The timing of the process was designed to coincide with the return of students for the new semester and to ensure that a single source of all DCU information was available to them.

Over the past few months, all relevant content from each of the individual sites was transferred to the DCU website by the content owners, in order to benefit from the combined strengths of the four institutions.

This was supported by the DCU Communications and Marketing department and the DCU Incorporation Programme Office.

According to the Incorporation team, the merge was “in order to fully and appropriately represent the newly expanded post-incorporation university and all its constituent academic and support units.”

The former websites of St. Patrick’s College and Mater Dei Institute now automatically redirect to the DCU website.

The Incorporation team said: “the CICE website will also redirect to the DCU website in due course.”

As part of the same project DCU will also have a single, incorporated presence across the various social media channels.

Shauna Coen

Image Credit: Darragh Culhane

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