Clubs and Societies merge across all DCU campuses for first time

Clubs and societies from DCU’s Glasnevin and St. Patrick’s campus have merged together for the first academic year, as the long-awaited Incorporation Programme commences.

Cumann Gaelach, LGBTA, Drama and St. Vincent De Paul were amongst societies that were registered on both the Glasnevin campus and the St. Patrick’s campus prior to this year’s incorporation.

The amalgamation of the clubs and societies began last May as each came together and ran an Extraordinary General Meeting, to elect a committee for the academic year of 2016/17.

“The work has been done, I’ve been in contact with all of them. They’re getting on well and they’re incorporating each other’s events that they would have had in previous years,” Luke O’Riordan, DCU Societies Officer said.

“We have merged the social media accounts of both societies to ensure that our content reaches all students interested in drama. Essentially instead of it being DCU Drama incorporating St. Pat’s Drama, we have made a brand new society across all campuses,” Niamh Whelan, DCU Drama chairperson said.

There were over 60 clubs between DCU Glasnevin campus and St. Patrick’s College before the incorporation occurred, however that has been reduced down to 44 clubs this year, as some merged.

DCU GAA now operates as DCU Dócháis Eireann, with various clubs within that entity.

“There’ll be the GAA Handball, the ladies, the mens footballs, the hurling and the camogie. There are different plans for this year,” Sadhbh Candon, DCU Clubs Officer said.

There are both DCU Glasnevin and St. Patrick’s campus teams to facilitate students predominantly based on either campus, while all part of the one club, Candon explained.

With two teams of the same sport under the one DCU club, The College View asked Candon how this issue will be tackled entering leagues. However, she was unable to clarify at that time.

“The main thing will be making sure there are trainings on both campuses for clubs, so no matter where people are, if they have an interest in something that they can definitely get involved”, Candon said.

All clubs and societies committees must provide Campus Liaisons Officer, or a similar role, to encourage multi-campus representation.
Hayley Halpin

Image Credit: Zainab Boladale

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