Dublin Bus strikes threaten to disrupt students commuting to college

Dublin Bus drivers will strike for an additional 11 days in October following an eight-day strike in September.

Thirteen new dates during which Dublin Bus drivers will strike were announced last week, two of which were cancelled following talks on Monday on September 27th and 28th.

The 11 day strike during October will take place on Saturday 1st, Wednesday 5th, Friday 7th, Monday 10th, Wednesday 12th, Friday 14th, Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 19th, Monday 24th, Wednesday 26th and Saturday 29th.

So far, the strike has cost Dublin Bus roughly €4 million and will continue to affect the profitability of the company in the coming weeks.

Dublin Bus drivers are seeking a 15% flat pay increase as well as a rise of 6% which they say was due in 2009 but was deferred.

Students who usually commute to and from Dublin colleges will be forced to arrange other means of travel during the upcoming strike days.

DCU Welfare Officer, Cody Byrne, has arranged services to facilitate students during the strike.

“I’m all in favour of people fighting for what is right,” said Byrne.

“Now, of course this comes at an inconvenience to the rest of us with regards to getting around, but I always feel it’s important to stand your ground for what is right.”

DCU Students’ Union have teamed up with CitySwifter who will provide bus services to and from Dublin city centre.

“Initially, this is just for getting to and from town. If CitySwifter see the demand, then more routes will begin to open,” said Byrne.

DCU SU have also set up a Hitch a Lift in DCU Facebook page through which students can arrange to carpool.

Understanding of the daily struggle for students at this time, Byrne feels that the “more pervasive, social message is important too”.

“It’s annoying that we’re on the brunt of it but it’s a pleasure to see in today’s world,” said Byrne.

Shirley Donlon

Image Credit: Darragh Culhane

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