SU President: Dylan Kehoe on freshers week success

S tudent Union President of DCU, Dylan Kehoe, appears to be settling into his new role with the college quite comfortably saying that the new energy surrounding the campus has made the transition much easier for him.

He said that the first week had been incredibly busy with numerous events being held throughout the college as well as trying to deal with his normal everyday workload.

“Obviously our schedules are quite hectic with a lot of events on top of our normal workday but feeding off the energy of students makes it much easier,” said Kehoe.

He then described how the Student’s Union are trying to make the new student’s first week in DCU as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, as it is a very sensitive time for first year students who are about to begin this new chapter in their lives.

He said, “it’s no doubt a delicate period so we’re doing all we can to make it as smooth as possible”.

However, Kehoe also faced a number of problems before the incoming first years arrived. The first main obstacle that had to be dealt with this week was that the hub’s reconstruction was well underway and The Venue has now been replaced with DCU’s Spar.

A new venue was needed to accommodate the upcoming events and with no other option Mr. Kehoe had a large outdoor Marquee, now called the SU Arena, erected on the college green. The SU Arena will now be available for societies to hold their events.

Kehoe also described how the amalgamation was initially a worry but that it has gone better than could have been hoped for.

“The incorporation is going really well with vibrant atmospheres being seen on all campuses and students floating from campus to campus,” said Kehoe.

The next item on his manifesto is to introduce J1 workshops that will involve upskilling students with training in barista, cocktail and pizza making, with classes to be held in the SU arena.

Kehoe said that, “I’ve set up a partnership with Jobbio which gives students access to hundreds of jobs both part-time and graduate. My J1 Workshops are nearly ready to roll out with a host of different skills available.”

Kehoe also said that he is optimistic for what the upcoming academic year brings.

“The year is gonna fly by so I’m gonna try take it all in as much as possible.”

Paul Dwyer

Image Credit: Laura Horan

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