Summer blues

College has started and summer is slowly becoming a distant memory.

Morning lie-ins are being replaced with buzzing alarm clocks, evening barbeques with study sessions, but our summer wardrobes don’t have to go anywhere just yet. Here are our best tips for tailoring your summer purchases to last that little bit longer in this nippy weather.
A huge trend this summer was the simple slip dress. Yes, it is still wearable as is for nights out and parties, but how about throwing a plain white t-shit underneath for daytime? Pair it with some white runners, an oversized jacket and you are good to go.

The same goes for dungarees and pinafores only this time, try a fitted sweater or polo neck t-shirt. Think Rachel from Friends circa 1998.
Not a summer goes by where flowy maxi dresses and floral print skirts don’t dominate the festival scene. Swap your bralette for a chunky knit jumper, your wellies for Chelsea boots and you have yourself the comfiest autumn outfit in existence.

The last few months it was difficult to go two minutes without seeing an off the shoulder top. They’re cute, and flattering on all body types, but by God are they annoying under a jacket. Try keeping warm with a chunky circle scarf instead, still leaving your shoulders free. For even colder days, a loose, oversized cape.
And finally, considering high waisted mom jeans are everywhere right now, we won’t be packing our crop tops away for a while.
Michelle Martin

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