The Benefits of Bikes

There is a lot to be said for having a bicycle in college, for taking to the road on two wheels.

Firstly the ease in which you can get around. Where a walk could take you upwards of 30 minutes, cycling would cut it down to around 10 minutes, even taking your time at it. This can come in very handy if you value the extra few minutes in bed before the 9am lecture.

There is a convenience to cycling too. You can get on it and go whenever you want, no need to plan your day around bus timetables or fear desertion on one of the many days of upcoming strikes.

It takes very little be properly equipped to cycle. A helmet, a bike lock and lights for when it gets dark and you are good to go. Pack a waterproof anorak in your bag too and you will be prepared for any conditions.

There is no excuse for not having your bike in perfect health. DCU offers free bike clinics every week, giving students the opportunity to have their bikes checked and maintained, so you can be sure your bike is in good working order.

Something must be said for the positive impacts cycling can have on your body and life. Apart from the obvious boosts such as getting fitter, studies have shown that being on your bicycle can improve your mood while making you more productive and attentive in the lectures.

So why not give peddle power a go?

Aaron McElroy

Image Credit Annemarie Kelly


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