The Reality of Student Accommodation (and how to survive it)

So you moved to the big shmoke, on your own for the first time and it finally hits you that you can’t work a washing machine? Well here are a few other things you might want to consider (your welcome).

Get flexible

Your shower now merely fits your bare body and there is no such thing as an ole’ wash without your nose touching the shower curtain and a sly bit of gymnastics as you attempt to shave your legs without moving an inch in fear of flooding your whole bathroom. Best of luck.

Beans and noodles are your best friend

There is nothing like a home-cooked dinner but you may as well pretend you never had one, as the most you are getting is a bowl of this stuff. Having once turned your nose up at these cheap kicks, left out when your mother didn’t have time to cook, you will soon be drooling at the very thought of warm bowl of noodles. Enjoy.

Stock up on toilet paper

Nothing says embarrassing like that awkward walk back from the shop with your naggin under one arm and toilet paper under the other. And yes, it is guaranteed you will bump into someone on the way back. Save yourself the hassle and buy it at the weekend, with your mam, and put it in your suitcase.

There will always be someone going out

It’s doesn’t mean you have to go too. Just because it seems like everyone is going out doesn’t mean they actually are and “aww c’mon everyone’s going” is not a valid excuse for breaking your bank and going out with €1.50. You can always go out another time, relax. Say no to F.O.M.O.

The only appropriate time to take off your makeup is literally right before you get into bed. Someone will turn up at your door, they always do. May it be looking for a bottle opener or a spare potato, they will be there and you will answer looking like death and oh you’ll regret it, yes you will.

In4free is the best app you will ever own

Spending over €5 to get into a night club just seems outrageous and the thought of not having cheaplist makes your heart race. You may be poor but everyone else is too. Dance it off.


Aoife Marnell

Image Credit: Andrew Byrne

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