Clubs and societies: An attraction or a distraction?

Clubs and Socs day was held in DCU's sports hall from September 26th to 28th. Image Credit: Laura Horan

Every year hundreds of fresh-faced, wide-eyed first year students flood on to DCU campus eager to get involved in as many activities as possible, but with the instant pressure of assignments, presentations and exams coming from different classes, joining clubs and societies is often compromised.

It is much easier to fall into the habit of going to class, completing assignments and showing up for the end of semester exams than to try and balance this with the extra responsibility of attending weekly meetings and events for your club or society. So why do so many students in DCU join clubs and societies every year?

It is simple. The opportunities that stem from joining clubs and societies in DCU are endless.

There are over 120 clubs and societies across both the Glasnevin and St. Patricks campus from Tea society to DCU Dance society and even Harry Potter society and with a small registration fee of only €4, the excuse to abstain from club and society life does not exist. The option even exists to create a brand new club or society if the existing ones do not meet your needs and wants.

The notion of dedicating your time to a voluntary club or society while trying to obtain a degree of great standards can be enough for some students to miss out on this whole other aspect of college life – the aspect that can shape you as an individual, help you find your career path and make friends from different courses and years all over DCU.

Clubs and societies at DCU hold the power to open up new doors and welcome your mind to explore new ideas that, without joining them, you may never have known. Being a member of a certain club or society can also look great on one’s CV as it allows potential employers to see that the individual can successfully balance the academic side of university with the more social, relaxed aspect.

Getting involved in club and society life in DCU, speaking from personal experience, adds tremendously to the overall college experience. A mixture of academics, social life and work stood in the way of my involvement in this aspect of college life during my first year attending DCU but I made sure to make up for lost time by throwing myself into every opportunity that came my way in the years to follow.

When you find the club or society that suits you best, that is when friendships flourish, ideas come alive and a fulfilled college year is achieved.

Shirley Donlon

Image Credit: Laura Horan

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