DCU now offering additional diploma in Irish

St. Patrick's College Campus.

Last week saw the introduction of a new level B2 diploma in Irish, which will serve as an additional facet to students’ degrees. It is being offered to all DCU students and was comprised by Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge.

The course started on St. Patrick’s campus on Wednesday, September 28 and will continue to run on Wednesdays for 20 weeks through the duration of semesters one and two.

The three hour long classes come to the total cost of €200 when the usual cost of completing such a diploma is nearly €1,000.

Newly appointed Irish Officer on the Students’ Union, Cáit Ní Cheallacháin, said that this course is ideal for those interested in studying Irish but who may have chosen another route.

The course is designed to develop and foster the language skills of students with a prior knowledge of Irish through communicative activities as well as authentic materials such as radio and television.

“It’s just another addition to the bilingual campus that DCU is promoting,” said Ní Cheallacháin. “It means that you won’t only have the experience using the cúpla focail but you’ll have the qualification.”

Student participants will be tested on their competence in spoken Irish in an oral exam as well as with a written exam.

Ní Cheallacháin also noted the social benefits of the course, which will serve as an additional contact point for Irish speakers.

“It’s a great way to make friends, they are small classes,” she said. “And due to the fact that it’s in DCU who have a school completely through Irish, it means the supports are there from all angles.”

She noted that aside from all these advantages, the qualification would make a good addition to students’ CVs. 

Elsa McEvoy

Image: oldstone.ie



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