Five Trends from Paris Fashion Week

By all means, if you have the money and desire, buy that Chanel robot helmet that opened the show at Paris fashion week. Can I guarantee it will be anything but high fashion for more than a few days? No.
You may be better off investing in these more wearable trends.

Over Sized Jackets
Now I am not talking elongated trench coats, I mean your Dad’s old blue from the 1970s. These are something that have always made an outfit that little bit edgier, that little bit cooler (not to mention being the lazy girls dream). We should rejoice that designers like Stella McCartney, Céline and Balenciaga showcased them as ready-to-wear this season.

Slip Dresses
The lacy looking nightgowns were adorable and light during the summer but are not going anywhere just yet. Givenchy and Chanel were among a few to layer them in their shows.

Baseball Caps
Good news for future bad hair days. The cap trend has been floating around Instagram for a while and even creeped into the likes of Topshop and Penneys. If it is good enough for Karl Lagerfeld, it is good enough for us.

Slogan Tees
You would not normally associate your Forever 21 ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’ top with haute couture but slogan tees were a huge statement this month. Designer Maria Grazia Chiuri made a pretty bold move by including a t-shirt that reads ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ in her first collection for Dior. I mean come on, talk about #inspo.

What can only be described as almost see-through material dominated a few shows yet again. While it is predominantly worn by braless models, as a racy and edgy feature to the outfits, even Miu Miu – Gucci’s good girl little sister brand have included it in collections. Their past ambassadors have included Hollywood Angel, Katie Holmes and 14 year old, Hailee Steinfeld.

The mute green colour popped up at a few of the shows – Dior and Sacai included. The easy to wear colour took it to another level at Valentino when they sent out a model in an embroidered khaki trench coat.

Michelle Martin

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