Getting the Shift: Boys

Locking lips is not always as easy as it seems, there is a skill and tact to the infamous notion we call ‘shifting’ these days, Andrew Byrne and William Dunne talk us through their shifting tips when you are on the town.

Rule Number 1: Eye-Contact

Scope the room and try to catch eye-contact with a girl of your choice. If she gives you a second glance (and doesn’t look completely creeped out) you could be on for a winner. Throw in a smile and make sure you’re not dancing like a dad. Lean in with, “What college you in?”, to get the ball rolling.

Rule number 2: Don’t be afraid of rejection

Beating around the bush gets you nowhere. When was the last time you got asked how many times you were rejected the night before? Never. Drop the question early and save yourself a lot of time with a girl who is just not into you. A simple compliment before asking for that kiss could seal the deal.

Rule number 3: Never buy a girl a drink

Sources have said that when a guy buys a girl a drink they will take it and walk away. Girls will pay more attention to a compliment than a drink. Buying a drink for a girl is just a way of avoiding actual conversation and keeping her happy for an extra few minutes before she inevitably ditches you.

Now go forth and embrace the shift, lads.

Andrew Byrne and William Dunne

Image Credit: Weheartit

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