Getting the Shift: Girls

Locking lips is not always as easy as it seems, there is a skill and tact to the infamous notion we call ‘shifting’ these days, Jessica Doyle talks us through her shifting tips for when you’re out on the town.

Rule number 1: Smoking area = shifting area

Smoking rooms are the heart of the shift. They are quiet so you have time to flutter your eyelashes and chit chat. But borrowing a light is like rocket fuel and the only destination is the shift.

Rule number 2: Hips don’t lie
Dance floor. There is nothing more intimidating than a massive group of `girlos` with Dracula nails and smoky eyes fist pumping to Pitbull. Either break up the pack or collectively target a group of boys and hope that ‘shake that ass’ comes on.

Rule number 3: Graft graft graft
Scouting the line while you join the end of it is key to success, make your mark early, cheeky smile here and a wink there will go a long way on the dance floor. Also watch that red lipstick, boys do not want to walk away with a nose full of red lipstick. Think nude lipstick it is more accessible.

How could I not mention the inevitable, the holy grail of the shift,, tonsil tennis champions, Coppers. Go to Coppers, it is a well known fact that 98 per cent of people are there for the shift.

*Arm touch * sorry lads do you have a lighter?

Jessica Doyle

Image Credit: Weheartit


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