Try Something New this Year

Moving away from home and being responsible for yourself for the first time is a trying period for most people, writer Laura Burke eases the burden of living by yourself with helpful tips to try something new this year.

College definitely brings out the creative side in students by using saucepans as bowls, shot glasses as egg cups. But what if we could put our creative side to use and do something more productive this college year? Here are a few examples of hobbies to take up this semester that exclude the number one past-time for most students – drinking.

Arts and crafts

Most students’ bedrooms consist of blank walls, an empty desk and a messy wardrobe. Fortunately there are so many ways to brighten up your room with little effort. Try buying some cheap fairly lights to brighten up the room. You can also make a picture collage by printing pictures and sticking them onto a blank canvas. These little ideas are cheap, effortless and don’t involve drilling holes into a wall which is likely against the landlord’s rules.


Join a society

Clubs and socs are just beginning to get into the swing of things with events galore across a number of different societies. While it is hard to stick to new hobbies, societies will do most of the work for you by arranging events and nights out so all you have to do is show up. It is cheap to sign up to and most events are free to attend so you’ll never be bored or broke.

Laura Burke

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