Facing Fatal Fears

While the Halloween holidays may seem all fun and games based around the fear factor, our ability to scare and be scared, fear by definition is in fact ‘an unpleasant emotion triggered by the threat of danger, threat or harm.’ Unpleasant being the key word in that sentence.

The idea of being frightened for fun is not something for everyone and unfortunately fear is often more than just a minute long jump out of chair, fear can be a persistent emotion for so many people all year around.

‘Anxiety’ has become the label placed on everyday fear by society, defined as a ‘feeling of worry, uncertainty, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.’ Almost every day we hear someone say they have anxiety about something, be it an exam, a party or even meeting a friend. Yet no one seems to be talking about how they cope with this powerful emotion.

Keeping anxiety at bay is no doubt an active process but some of the simplest changes to your routine can make the bigger differences.

Start with taking time to yourself, and I mean really to yourself, minus the phone, and just breathe. As silly as it sounds, you’ll see how much simpler the problems you have might seem.

Make sure you’re making time to eat healthy balanced meals and exercising regularly, as they say, a healthy body makes for a healthy mind.

Talk to someone. Talk to your family, talk to your friends, and even talk to that guy sitting beside you on the bus. A problem shared is a problem halved.

As tough as it may be, you have to accept however scary your problems may be, we as humans are so small in the great aspect of the universe and it would be impossible to control everything despite how we might want too. Learning that your best is all you can do is something to remind yourself daily.

 Aoife Marnell

Image Credit: abc.net.au



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