Halloween Romance

Horror movie dates are arguably the most daunting dates of all. Not all of us find much pleasure in watching blood and guts splatter all over the big screen. It’s doubtful that a month of subsequent nightmares is something any of us strive for either. However, for those of us that find it unavoidable this Halloween season, here are a few reasons you should look forward to the ‘horrifying affair’.

It’s extremely revealing – but in a great way.
Watching a horror movie can usually unleash a person’s most vulnerable side. Whether they’re sobbing inconsolably into your shoulder or they’re solid as a rock, you may be shown a side of them that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

No better time to get cosy.
Dark lighting, eerie music and unbearable suspense; Three things that combine to create the perfect atmosphere for cuddling your date. Horror movies set up the ultimate environment for making your move so take advantage of those intense scary scenes by grabbing your dates hand or pulling them in close. It certainly could work out less awkward than the age-old movie “arm stretch and yawn”.

It’s Memorable.
There is absolutely no reason to be afraid of being afraid. If you do throw your hotdog in the air with fright, your date will certainly not forget about you a few days later. It is moments like these that make a date unforgettable. These uncontrollable mishaps can be so hilarious your date may not resist going on another date. Even if it is just to give you the dry cleaning bill for their mustard-stained top.

Laura Duffy

Image Credit: Laura Duffy

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