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It can be easy maintaining a healthy lifestyle when you are an athlete or in training.  But most of us average Joes know how tough it can be to get just five sit-ups done in a week. Stressing the importance of the healthy lifestyle, Jessica Doyle shares some of her tips for keeping motivated throughout the year.

The dreaded alarm going off in the morning, when you know you are not ready, is the most infuriating sound. No matter how long you spend choosing a reasonably nice alarm tone it can seem like the worst moment of your life. Now you are awake, food is fuel. A good, hearty breakfast is the key to a day of success, think omelette or healthy pancakes packed with berries.

Next step, you know that friend that is there for you all the time? Make water that friend. Every inch of your body will thank you.
Lay your exercise clothes out the night before, leave no room for you to forget.

Whether it is a YouTube yoga session, an attempt at a jog or a morning swim, you have to want to do it. Put a reminder in your phone or stick it up on your wall, the reason why you are doing it will be your first step to motivation. It takes just 28 days to build a habit, make exercise your habit.
Savour the ‘after exercise’ feeling, this feeling will last with you throughout the day.

Coming up to assignment deadlines and hardcore studying, make fresh air your freedom from the books. Get off the bus a stop early and clear your thoughts.
Put in your earphones and  run, the fact that you can not hear yourself being out of breath will become the difference between running that extra 5 minutes.

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