Clare Daly urges DCU students to keep pressure on politicians for repeal of the eighth ammendment

Clare Daly spoke to DCU students about women's rights and repeal the eighth

Clare Daly, TD spoke to DCU students last Wednesday about a number of issues such as abortion and working in a male dominated field as part of an event hosted by the Feminism Society. 

Clare Daly is a member of both the Socialist Party and the Independents 4 Change. She started the talk by addressing the presidential election that occurred in America and the fact of Donald Trump’s success.

“I think it’s challenging times ahead for the American population,” she said.

She then moved on to talk about the history of Ireland and the important role that women played in the making of the Ireland that we know today.

“A good starting point at where we might want to go, is where did we come from,” she said. She discussed the prevalence of  stereotyping in Ireland and stated that Ireland has regressive views of women in politics. However, to challenge that view, she stated that Ireland was one of the first countries to have a woman politician.

Clare Daly is a active supporter of the repeal the 8th movement and dedicated a large portion of the talk to discussing women’s rights.

“If women can’t even control their own bodies or have access to full reproductive rights then how, in God’s name, can you possibly play an equal role in society?” she asked.

A question was then raised about her views on abortion and the possibility of repeal in the coming future. She said, “I would strongly encourage people to keep involved in the activities.”

Daly praised the march that occurred on the 24th of October and said that pressure must be kept on politicians to respond to the issue.

Áine Conaty

Image Credit: Darragh Culhane

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