Students’ Union to host Beg Borrow Steal

Esoc’s biggest event Beg Borrow Steal will be run by the Student Union this year and has been replaced by a similar competition called The Quest.

The Quest took place on Wednesday and featured 30 teams completing various challenges in an attempt to get to Amsterdam with no money. The event raised over €10,000 for mental health charity group Aware.

Stephen Gorman, events officer of Esoc, said that the idea for The Quest stemmed from a similar event run by the society last year called Hidden Treasures. This inspired the treasure hunt element that teams competing in The Quest had to use to find clues to their next checkpoint.

Unlike Beg Borrow Steal, teams competing in The Quest could access a reserve of their own money by taking part in increasingly difficult dares such as screaming as loud as you can in a crowded area and FaceTiming a parent to tell them how you lost your virginity.

DCU’s Student Union President, Dylan Kehoe, said that Beg Borrow Steal will be run in the same format as last year despite being moved from the Enterprise Society to the SU.

The SU will also be running different events in the build up to Beg Borrow Steal such as hitchhiking workshops, fundraising workshops and a mini race around Ireland.

Dylan is hopeful that the event will be just as successful in the SU as it was in Esoc: “In year 1 we raised approximately €5,000, year 2 was approximately €20,000 and last year we raised over €50,000. Who knows what we’ll do this year.”

The SU president, who was a committee member of Esoc since 2013, set up Beg Borrow Steal with the society and feels that the move to the SU will only improve the event.

“I’ve set up multiple other events in Esoc over the years which are still there but Beg Borrow Steal is something that those close to me and I thought can grow further with the move.”

Stephen Gorman said that while Esoc were disappointed to lose the event, he knows for a fact that a change of management won’t affect the event in a negative way.

Lydia McKay

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