DCU PhD graduate awarded Chancellor’s Medal

Ms Gilgunn pictured with DCU President, Prof Brian MacCraith upon receipt of her medal

Dr. Sarah Gilgunn has been awarded the Dublin City University Chancellor’s Medal for achieving outstanding academic success which is linked to her significant industrial experience.

Sarah’s research for her PhD was part of a multi-institutional collaboration funded by the Irish Cancer Society which are involved in improving current approaches for the detection of prostate cancer.

“It is clear from her achievements that she is a very gifted researcher, who is incredibly hardworking and enthusiastic. However, she has combined all of this with great dedication to help others and to ensure that her outputs are used to improve people’s lives” said Colette McDonagh, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Health.

The skills Sarah obtained in DCU are playing a big part in her career and since completing her PhD Sarah has begun working in the Protein Oncology Department in an Oxford based biotechnology company called Immunicore Ltd.

Immunicore Ltd is an  innovative immuno-oncology company focused on the development of novel immuno-therapeutic drugs.

Throughout her career to date Sarah has presented at numerous national and international conferences and published extensively. She has also won several science communications awards.

In 2014, Sarah was awarded a prestigious Short-Term Fellowship from the European Biology Organization (EMBO) to work at Monash, one of the leading Universities in Australia.

Her contributions to healthcare have also been recognised by DCU’s Faculty of Science and Health and in 2015 she was named ‘Outstanding Graduate Researcher 2014-2015’.

Sarah, under the supervision of Professor Richard O’ Kennedy from the School of Biotechnology in DCU, successfully completed her PhD in Biochemistry and Immunology in 2015.

Alison Clair

Image Credit: DCU

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