MPS 24 Hour Broadcast to be in aid of homeless

MPS board member, Darragh McGowan, assists in filming in preparation for the 24 Hour Broadcast

DCU Media Production Society will host its 7th annual 24 Hour Broadcast in aid of the Peter McVerry Trust, on December 2nd

Every year MPS organises this event to fundraise for a specific charity. This year MPS is fundraising for the Peter McVerry Trust, a homelessness charity.  This was suggested to the MPS committee by Deputy Events Officer Laura Horan, who was homeless as a child. Last year they held the broadcast in aid of Jigsaw, a mental health charity.

Horan said she wanted to share her story because the “24 Hour Broadcast could raise much needed funds for the homeless”.

“I wanted to make it clear in my story that anyone can be homeless and you can come from any background but no matter what you can grow from it and have an amazing life,” she said.

To promote the broadcast, MPS released a simple two-angle shot of Horan talking about her experience of being homeless as a child. Within hours, the video quickly gained traction online, being published by and Following from this, major national news outlets such as Irish Times and Irish Independent published the story.

Chairperson of MPS, Sarah McLaughlin, said she was shocked when she saw how much attention the video was getting. Now a viral hit, the video currently has 42,000 views.

There is a wide variety of shows due to air on the broadcast. Some of the shows include An Idiot Abroad, Impractical Jokers, Countdown and A League of Their Own.

There are also original shows by some of DCU’s own such as Huns of Dublin and That’s Like the Rules of Feminism. There are also parodies of TV shows such as Gogglebox DCU, The Great DCU Bake-off, the DCU Toy Show and the BNL (Broadcast Night Live).

Last year MPS raised €5000 for the Jigsaw foundation and they hope to achieve the same goal this year. The broadcast will be streamed live on on Friday December 2-3rd, beginning at 9pm.

People can donate money by visiting the DCU MPS during the broadcast and clicking on the link to

Niamh Dunne

Image Credit: Sean Og Cairns

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