The Perfect Countdown

We all know those movies that idealise New Year’s Eve with the fancy parties filled with hundreds of people and that tense build-up to a passionate romantic kiss at the stroke of midnight. This rarely happens. Here is a guide to get the best out of this New Year’s Eve and that midnight kiss.
Family and friends are key. Having a small get together with people you actually like is much better than going somewhere where you only know a small number of people.

Drink, but not too much. We all know or have been that person who has a bit too much before the clock strikes twelve. It’s best to pace yourself so you can remember the night.

Dress to impress. Girls know the fun of dressing up for New Year’s, but guys can also dress to impress on the night. Like every granny has said at some stage, “Dress in case you meet your future husband (or wife).”

It’s a few minutes to twelve and you have yet to find your special someone. No one has caught your eye and you’ve lost hope for a happy New Year’s kiss. Then your friend comes out of nowhere and drags you into a huge group of your friends or family. You all hug and peck each other on the cheeks. You realise a silly kiss is less important than being with people you love. Start the New Year with good people and good vibes.
Aine Conaty

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