Surviving the Ultimate Alcohol Endeavour ’12 pubs’

It is that time of year again; the senseless population of Ireland go out in force to complete the ultimate and most festive pub-crawl, 12 pubs. Rules are simple, one pint per pub for 12 pubs and if you finish it you receive legendary status among your peers, the sense of achievement is unrivaled. Every year so many try and fail but don’t worry, here are the top tips you need to make it to the holy ground of pub number 12.

Eat: Like any night out which involves drinking you need to fill your stomach with starchy goodness to soak up the alcohol. 12 pubs isn’t like any night out, eat more than you can possibly handle, get a subway into you, and then a snack box from the nearby chipper as well as a packet of crisps.

Take it slow: This is a marathon, not a sprint and like a marathon you must resist the urge to start fast. Drink that first pint slower than you want to, you will thank yourself later.

Be first into every pub: Typically you have 30 minutes per pub, if you are with a big group and are waiting in line for 10 minutes to be served that only gives you 20 minutes to finish your drink. Be smart, be the first one in so you do not have to knock it back.

Believe in yourself: Those who say they can and those who say they cannot are both usually right, you can do it, the finish line is in sight.
Darragh Culhane 


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