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Chaps Eye is a comedy YouTube channel run by three Irish IADT graduates Oisin, Eoin and Niall. This YouTube channel focuses on making hilarious skits about anything from having a few cans to parodies of Conor McGregor.

The trio are Film Production graduates and decided to set up the channel after Oisin, the main videographer and editor, got the idea shortly after they left college.

Eoin and Niall are the main actors. Niall “is more comfortable in front of the camera,” while Eoin also “writes a lot of the content,” the lads told us.

The channel has been getting a lot of recognition on Reddit and Facebook, with over two million views on YouTube and over five thousand subscribers. They have often collaborated with other Irish YouTube channels such as Dream Gun, and worked with people who have been on Oisin’s other channel, Facts.

Their very first video which reached one million views was one called ‘Dirty.’ They were just after reaching their first thousand subscribers and when this video was posted to Reddit they got “5000 subscribers the week after,” Eoin said. They said that once they saw that the videos were doing well, it helped to “encourage” them to make videos more regularly and so they decided to post videos every Friday.

They have been getting more and more subscribers as they create more content – “a tiny community,” Eoin said. They were never driven by the idea of trying to make videos to try and get subscribers or to make a profit, they make the videos because they enjoy creating them.

They thought about what would they compare themselves to and “found it really hard because we all love comedy so much and we all look at so much different types of comedy it’s kind of hard to pin down what our style is,” Eoin said.

They’re inspired by a variety of different YouTubers and content creators such as Limmy, H3H3, SNL, The Good Neighbour and Dream Gun.

They have often had a lot of fun filming many different types of videos but when they see the final product they decided it isn’t good enough to publish – often having debates about whether or not to publish.

Niall didn’t want to put out the Conor McGregor parody, which was one of their most successful videos. “I guess it’s something about putting yourself out there and knowing that it’s going to be out there forever that’s kind of scary, you just have to do it anyway,” Eoin said.

They find it hard to have the time to create their videos, usually filming at the weekends whenever they can find the time. “If you want to make it you have to put the effort in at the weekends. That’s the hardest part,” Oisin said.

Their main advice for anyone who is planning setting up a YouTube channel would be to create and put out content as regularly as possible. “If you make content and then put it out once a week at a really strict schedule people can kind of learn to look forward to that every week and then end up subscribing,” Oisin said.

“Do stuff that you find funny and don’t be afraid to mess up because that’s where you learn,” Eoin said.

Áine Conaty

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