Visually imparied PhD student completes World Marathon Challenge

Rachel Wallace

Sinead Kane. Credit:

DCU student Sinéad Kane has made headlines around Ireland after running seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

Kane, who is a PhD student in Glasnevin, has no plans to slow down after her successful attempt at the World Marathon Challenge, but maintains that completing her PhD is her priority.

“To do a PhD is very difficult and so it would be a huge achievement to complete that goal,” the Corkwoman claims.

Sinéad is the first visually impaired athlete ever to complete the challenge.

After taking up running five years ago, she became the first visually impaired Irish person to run an ultramarathon in Ireland. So what is next for this historic athlete? The College View caught up with her upon her return to find out what her plans are for the future and what other challenges she wants to take on.

Sinéad also plays an active role in many charities close to her heart, including Irish Guide Dogs and Ablevision. With her busy schedule she says she cannot always take on everything that is offered to her, so she must prioritise her time.

She has a love for motivational speaking which can be seen in her passion to encourage others. She channels her enthusiasm into her speeches so that others can hear her story in the hope that it will inspire them to achieve their goals and not let disability hinder their ambition.

Sinéad has no new targets set in the athletics world so soon after completing her record breaking World Marathon Challenge, but says she will set new goals in time.

Rachel Wallace