What has Donald Trump done so far?

Donald Trump's executive orders have caused mass controversy in his first two and a half weeks in the Oval office. Photo credit: AP/LM Otero.

It has been just over two weeks since Donald J. Trump’s inauguration and he became the 45th President of the United States. Within that week, President Trump and his administration have already initiated a series of consequential decisions.

Only twenty-four hours after Trump’s inauguration, his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, caused quite the discussion when he addressed the press conference by stating that Trump’s inauguration was ‘the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration – period – both in person and around the globe’. This was later proven to be false but Trump’s senior adviser and former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, stated that Spicer gave ‘alternative facts’. This led to many questions about the integrity and accuracy of the White House Press.

The Trump administration was adamant on keeping its promises made during the campaign. In keeping with his promises, Trump signed an order in which the United States officially withdrew for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal under Trump. He also announced a hiring freeze on federal workers.

The controversy surrounding Trump’s presidency continued when he reinstated ‘the global gag rule’. This is a policy that blocks the government from funding international groups that perform and provide information on abortions. The signing of this new policy was captured by Trump and a group of other white male politicians surrounding him. The picture enlisted outrage around the world especially after the Women’s March the previous Saturday.

Throughout Trump’s campaign he constantly spoke of a wall at the Mexican border to control immigration. This plan was set into place Trump directed Department of Homeland Security to begin plans of construction. Trump also insisted that Mexico would pay for this infamous wall. However, Trump stated that Mexico will reimburse the United States in a later date. This implies that the American people will initially have to pay for a wall at the Mexican border costing an estimated $6.5 million. The White House also suggested that the US will place a 20 percent  tax on Mexican imports to pay for the wall.

However, the biggest and most controversial action of the Trump administration so far was the decision to place a 90 day ban on people coming into the US from seven Muslim majority countries including Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Sudan. This sparked outrage across the country. This ban left US citizens travelling from these countries to be detained in US airports. Lawyers and protestors rushed to airports to help the US citizens who were being detained. The White House later clarified that this ban would not affect green card holders from these seven countries.  A second ban was placed on Syrian refugees and on the US refugee program for 120 days.

Two and a half weeks in and President Trump has already shaken the world. The actions and decisions of his administration have caused an outbreak of protests not only in America but around the world. The American people are in a state of uncertainty not knowing what Trump and his administration will do next.

Niamh Dunne

Photo credit: AP/LM Otero.