Happy Friend Hunting

By Elsa Anderling

Finding friends can be difficult during your first semester at college, learning how to navigate your way through the campus grounds can be challenging enough never mind seeking out your lifelong college friends. To ease the initial awkward introductory faze Elsa Anderling has composed a fool proof guide to everlasting friendship.

New faces, new places and maybe even new sneakers – there is a lot to take in starting college as a fresher. Although you might have tracked down the cheapest cup of coffee on campus already, possibly the social bit has not quite fallen into place yet.  Stress no more, just follow these three examples and you all have a tight squad in no time.

  1. Spot a fellow, DCU student on your local bus (it should not be too hard after some casual, basic level Facebook stalking). Now it is time to be brave: go grab the seat next to them on the bus, simply withdraw one of their earphones and put it into your own ear. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the 45 minute long, possibly Bieberistic, bus ride into campus together. No awkward conversations, and no breathing the morning coffee in each other’s faces.
  2. Ask around for a place called ‘NuBar’. This is DCU’s beloved campus bar and this is a perfect spot for your purposes. Simply walk up to the bar, order two pints and scan the bar closely while waiting. Head straight for the person who has either a glass of water in their hand or is chewing gum. Once there, put one of the pints down on the table and gently push the glass towards them – get inspired by the gent move in ‘Lady and the Tramp’ when one last meatball is left on the plate. This will undoubtedly result in instant friendship, because who would not bond over a drink? We are in Ireland after all.
  3. Dublin is a rainy place, and you should take advantage of this. Get yourself an umbrella that will keep two people dry (or at least drier). It should not take you more than a walk from the library to the Henry Grattan before you spot an individual with a tormented facial expression and no brolly. Save their day – offer to share your small space of shelter with them.

So happy friend hunting everyone, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

 Elsa Anderling

Image Credit: Zainab Boladale