New student employment app launched on DCU SU website

DCU has officially added a Jobbio feature to their website which will allow thousands of students to access potential employers through the Student Union.

The feature allows students to create a profile that will connect them with companies who have part-time and graduate jobs available. It enables students to search for jobs relevant to their own abilities and it also allows students to follow other businesses in their area of interest.

The Jobbio feature offers a wide range of jobs from well known businesses such as Intel Ireland, and Ryanair.

The jobs on offer are not strictly limited to just Dublin as Jobbio operates nationwide offering employment in all counties of Ireland.

A statement on the Student Union website said that this new association will ease the pressure for students who are struggling to find employment during their time in university.

“This partnership will make it much easier for DCU students to find and secure work throughout their time in university. With this new partnership, DCU Students have a whole new window of opportunity ahead of them,” the statement said.

The new feature was part of DCU SU President, Dylan Kehoe’s manifesto last year and he described how he had contacts in Jobbio and  wanted to use these to benefit other students seeking employment.

He said, “One of the things on my manifesto was to improve the employment section on the SU website and I had a few connections with jobbio and that seemed like a nice fit…and to me it sounds pretty fool proof.

“It’s more focused on part time jobs for first and second years to try and get them through the year.”

Kehoe concluded that this new feature would be a huge improvement from the current available employment listing from the newsletter send out by DCU careers’ section.

“I know that the careers section in DCU sends out a newsletter each week but I never use it and I don’t actually know anyone who uses it.”

Paul Dwyer

Image Credit: Jobbio