Society Semester

By Michelle Martin

The last few months of the college term always fly by, writer Michelle Martin tells us how we can make the most of our time by throwing ourselves into life at DCU.

One of the biggest challenges that goes along with life at Dublin City University, is going a day without hearing the words ‘clubs and socs’. With over 120 of clubs and societies across the two campus’ it is guaranteed that there is something for everyone and that everyone has something. If you have not quite found your group yet, why not make that your goal for semester two.

Although refreshers day has come and gone, sign ups can be done at any time in the Student Union for the same price of four euro (minus the goodies unfortunately). Between DCU drama’s Othello, Style socs annual fashion show and A&F’s big ball, there is plenty going on and plenty of reasons to participate.

The obvious reason for the popularity of clubs and societies is fun. Fun activities, fun new friends, fun way to procrastinate. However, involvement has a lot more to offer. If you manage to weasel your way to the top your club’s food chain and land yourself on a committee, you are sure as hell going to put that on your CV. No employer cares whether its physics research or Disney society you help out with, it shows that you are a team player who actively did more than just skip class and drink at and college.

And, if nothing else, join a society for a membership card. It is worth it for the unlimited Domino’s and Camille discounts.

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