Top Tips for final year semester students

By Rachael Kellegher

If you are finding yourself entering your final semester of college life and feel slightly overwhelmed with the workload that lies before you, do not panic, writer Rachael Kellegher has some top tips to help you sail through your final term without becoming snowed under with assignments.

Fresher’s Week seems like yesterday and most of us are still looking at our timetables not quite sure which letter stands for which building. Not much has changed yet somehow you have made it to your final year. Whether it is three or four years down the line, most of us are still haunted by the thoughts of entering the unknown commonly referred to as ‘The real world’. But do not fret! We have some top tips to send you swimmingly through your final lap of the college experience.

Get planning NOW- Whether it is a jam-packed portfolio, a set of exams or the submission of a ten thousand word thesis, the most important thing any final year student can do is be prepared. Keep a calendar, outline all deadlines to be completed and, of course, give yourself time. Be ahead of yourself and avoid the stress and panic as this only leads to unproductivity.

Exercise- the dreaded word… exercising regularly keeps your energy levels up, resulting in a more engaged mind. Whether you are a GAA head or a gym goer, try not to drop those hobbies just because you feel you have ‘no time’. In fact, making time for exercise will help you to stay productive and of course looking mighty fine.

Do not forget to let your hair down- Just because you are in final year does not mean house arrest. Once you begin managing your time properly you will still be able to head to Coppers on a Tuesday night with the knowledge that you have completed a good day’s work and are on target.

Rachael Kellegher 

Image Credit: Zainab Boladale