Trinity SU elects ethnic minorities officer

Dipo Adebisi, the recently elected Ethnic Minorities officer, who will sit on Trinity's Students Union

Trinity College Dublin Student’s Union’s (TCDSU) council voted last week to elect an Ethics Minority Officer onto their executive. This position arose shorty after TCDSU President Kieran McNulty decided to utilise the structures and strength of the Union to ensure all students’ voices are heard.

The successful candidate Dipo Adebisi has the role to “act as a part time officer of the Union and act as a voting member on the executive team, called Union Forum, which comprises of the Sabbatical Officers and Part Time Officers as voting members,” said Dale Whelehan TCDSU’s Education Officer.

On the 21st of December 2016, DCU was designated as a ‘University of Sanctuary’ following its range of initiatives that demonstrated commitment to welcoming refugees and asylum seekers into its university environment.

Despite the designation being a separate entity to the appointment of TCDSU Ethics Minority Officer, as it’s specifically aimed at bettering the welfare of refugees, DCU’s Education Officer Cody Byrne would ‘love to see a part time Ethics Minority Officer on their executive team.’

“It all just stems back to diversity and embracing inclusivity. We’re not all white heterosexuals and it’s important to let everyone know that they have a voice in speaking out and stepping up,” said Cody.

The role of an Ethics Minority Officer on DCU Student’s Union may become necessary after DCU announced, among other initiatives, that it would award fifteen academic scholarships to applicants who are currently in Ireland either as asylum seekers or refugees.

However, although in favour of including an Ethics Minority Officer into its executive, Byrne believes “it becomes a little complicated from an executive stance in that where does it stop?”

“You always have to be wary of too many chefs in the kitchen. I think that while there isn’t currently a part-time member on the executive for an Ethnic Minority Officer, there are other leadership opportunities elsewhere,” he said.

Amy Lawlor

Image Credit: Dipo Adebisi