Unique date ideas for Valentine’s Day

By Laura Horan

As Valentine’s Day grows closer you may be struggling to think of an original way to show your loved one how much they mean to you; writer Laura Horan explores some unique date ideas that won’t break the bank this V-Day.

That one day a year is approaching when couples panic on how to impress their other half with a day to remember and the rest are hoping they don’t spend too much time with Ben and Jerry. Yes it is Valentine’s Day.

Instead of booking a fancy meal weeks in advance or fighting over the last table for a few drinks in your local, here are some alternative date ideas for your day of love or lust.

Skyline from Croke Park

Impress your date with the beauty of Dublin from 17 storeys high on the roof of Ireland’s most famous sporting arena or scare them to death and console them with a cuddle. During the sky-high tour you will learn some history surrounding the area.

La Peniche

It’s difficult to be original when wanting to get a bite to eat on Valentine’s Day but this restaurant is no ordinary one. La Peniche is a French restaurant located on a canal boat down the River Liffey. The boat won’t just serve you amazing food and drinks while sailing through our beautiful city but you will also learn about the history of Guinness and Dublin’s Grand Canal.

The Adventure Rooms

How will you ever know if you like this person unless you can both be locked in a room for 60 minutes and do a series of clues and puzzles to engineer your escape? Put it to the test and take your date here. If you’re not arguing by the end then they’re the one.

Hiking Ticknock

Bring a light picnic and hold hands as you do a walking tour around Ticknock which is just 3km south west of Sandyford. The walk is filled with wonderful views such as the Three Rock Mountain and Fairy Castle. 

Laura Horan 

Image Credit: independent.ie