DCU students take back the fifth goujon

Kehoe and Donoghue spearheaded the campaign to bring back the fifth goujon. Credit: Laura Duffy

Nubar has always been famous for its chicken goujons and chips deal for €5 since the dawn of time.

It has been the staple dinner for many DCU students from homesick first years to exhausted final year students struggling to make it to the end.

So it was no surprise that students have been up in arms since the management of Nubar announced that the number of goujons being served would be reduced from five to just four.

One distraught final year student, Andrew Byrne, was horrified to learn of the absence of the fifth goujon from the meal deal.

He said, “It’s a meal that covers all bases. Carbohydrates from the chips. Protein from the chicken goujons; and vitamins A, B and K in the barbeque sauce. I didn’t pay €3,000 in registration fees for this.”

He also added, “I’m afraid that the reduction in goujon numbers will continue to decline. I’m afraid that some sort of vegan agenda is being put in place without us even realising it.”

However, Students’ Union President, Dylan Kehoe, quickly tried to negotiate with Nubar and their suppliers over the reduction in portion size. An agreement could not be reached between the parties.

In response to this, Vice President for Academic Affairs, James Donoghue, chained himself to the front gates of Nubar in a hunger strike that was reminiscent of a young Bobby Sands. It lasted for about an hour or so.

Kehoe also penned a piece about the goujon debacle which went viral on social media and gathered a lot of media attention and support for the noble cause across Ireland.

Turning Point

After this Nubar promised that there was to be one last day where students could avail of the five chicken goujons and chips for the price of €5 which was supposed to offer people the chance to say their final goodbyes to the fallen goujon.

However, after engaging in strenuous talks with Nubar, Kehoe completed a deal where every Wednesday five goujons will be sold instead of four for the same price of €5.

Kehoe said via Facebook, “After tense negotiations over the last 8 days; an agreement has been formed with Nubar DCU… As of next week, every Wednesday… will be Goujon Appreciation Day.”

This day will be henceforth called goujon appreciation day and the agreement between the SU and Nubar will be referred to only as the Goujon Peace Treaty.

Paul Dwyer

Image Credit: Laura Duffy