Europe’s first underwater museum

By Áine Monk

Playa Blanca in Lanzarote now has more to boast about than it’s sunshine-filled days and chilled out nights as it has become host to Europe’s very first underwater sculpture museum.

Museo Atlántico Lanzarote is home to many sculptures, such as those of Jason deCaires Taylor and would certainly entice any art lover into some deep sea diving. deCaires Taylor has managed to portray a heartbreaking message through these pieces under the sea, hitting home that marine life is in danger and that we must make changes in the present in order to preserve the environment for the future.

Visitors must dive twelve metres below sea-level in order to enjoy the exhibition held at this museum, a fact which I assume acts as a unique selling point to tourists eagerly seeking out excitement, adventure and without a doubt, something they certainly will not find at home (unless they live nearby of course!).

According to its founders “This museum project will create a huge artificial reef made up of a series of pH neutral cement sculptures which, over time, will help the marine biomass flourish and facilitate the reproduction of species on the island.”

This means that not only do the sculptures highlight the current crisis affecting the marine environment and its inhabitants, but it also acts as a kind of safety net for endangered species.

Although visitors can only spend a maximum of one hour at the underwater exhibit, it certainly seems like an unforgettable and once in a lifetime opportunity for people of all ages and I expect it will be an experience that is making its way onto many bucket lists as we speak.

Áine Monk