Dublin City Council meeting discusses new transport plans for DCU

By Lucy Mangan

Credit: Dublin Bus Stuff

Plans to improve the infrastructure of the transport system surrounding DCU were presented at the North West Area Committee meeting two weeks ago.

Samantha Fahy, DCU’s Sustainability Officer, presented the highly ambitious plans at the meeting, which aims to improve public and private sector bus services and also create a high capacity rail service.

Fahy hopes that this rail service will serve the catchment area surrounding DCU, but it may be years off, if it is to go ahead. Concerns about the projected Luas link in Finglas were also raised at the meeting, as the area may be unsafe for travelling at night due to anti-social behaviour.

In 2015, DCU received €3.5mil to help make St. Patrick’s College more accessible to buses, by removing a pinch point and ensuring continuous bus lanes are provided near the Cat and Cage Pub and the college itself. The project was funded by the National Transport Authority from grants provided by the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport.

Speaking about the bus lane, Professor Daire Keogh, President of St. Patrick’s College said, “After 150 years, St. Patrick’s Campus now opens directly onto Drumcondra village, and we look forward to increased engagement with the village and our great city.”

Fahy also expressed plans that more on-site student accommodation will be added to DCU, to help curb demand for parking on campus. Currently, DCU offers 1,837 parking spaces, with a need in excess of 5,000.

The need for parking for students has increased in recent years, with many students being clamped on the grounds. Last year, 11 student cars were clamped in the overflow carpark, despite not being told that it was not for student use anymore.

Labour Councillor, Aine Clancy, also expressed concern at the meeting that the demand for on site parking was causing problems with residents in the surrounding areas, as many residential streets are used by students as parking. Streets such as Shanowen Road are densely populated with cars throughout the peak hours of the day.

Speaking at the meeting, she hoped that in future DCU will “liaise with the community”, about its concerns over an increased student population.

Lucy Mangan 

Image: Dublin Bus Stuff