Food on the Go in Dublin

by Liam Ashton

The amount of money students spend on food is ever increasing, so it is essential when eating out that we get the best value for our money and take advantage of the offers to be obtained from a student card.

Captain Americas is the ideal place to do just that, with student drink promotions Monday to Wednesday and a deal running during the week which allows students to buy two main courses for the price of one. Aside from student deals, there are a handful of budding restaurants around the capital catching the eyes of students and critics alike.

Bóbó’s Burgers has become popular in recent years due to their free meal giveaways looking to target the younger market. While it is more expensive than other burger chains such as GBK and Bunsen the quality of food makes up for it if there is extra cash to be spared. Chains are found on Dame Street, Wexford Street and most recently on Abbey Street.

Five Guys fast food is taking Dublin by storm after opening their first chain in Dundrum shopping centre in the last few months. Having been criticised for being too expensive like their rival fast food diner Eddie Rockets, Five Guy’s slightly more gourmet menu justifies the price as well as the long haul bus journey to Dundrum.

Xico on Lower Baggot Street has become a reputable restaurant in recent months among students for its reasonably affordable and unique menu. The Mexican cavern bar runs a promotion known as ‘Tasty Tuesdays’ offering 6 tortilla style wraps and two drinks for €25 making it an ideal choice for students.

Liam Ashton