Trinity to introduce Christmas exams by 2018

Researchers at Trinity College are trialling the drug ketamine as a treatment for depression

Trinity College Dublin students have votes in favour of the introduction of Christmas exams beginning in the academic year 2018/19 according, to the Trinity Student Union.

A total of 62 per cent of Fellows voted in favour which will result in a Christmas exam week being introduced at the end of semester one as well as an extra academic week.

The current format for exams consists of a month long study period in April with exams for all modules taking place during May.

Former School Convenor for Histories and Humanities Patricia O’Beirne is against the idea of splitting the exams between two semesters but can understand how it helps students in other faculties.

“Science students may have to complete 10 exams in May and that’s just not ideal. I have never had more than 5 college exams and it’s like that for most arts courses. And I would hate to have them split up.”

She also believes that students may become complacent and not take the exams are seriously when they are separated.

“At least with them all in the same period you are so focused and ready for the exam period. I feel if I they were split up, it would not be as focused.”

The additional exam period will also cause the starting date for the semester to be moved back two weeks to accommodate the change.

Second year nanoscience student Sean Ryan feels that the current exam set up is too alike the leaving certificate routine which causes students unnecessary stress.

“It’s somewhat similar to the feeling of the leaving cert, but instead of teachers drilling exam papers into you, you are left alone for 3 weeks to try revise a years’ worth of work and then attempt a paper or two if you find the time.”

There is a flaw in the current system in that students who are better at recalling information are more likely to succeed in these exams, according to Ryan.

“Subjects, which taught from September through to December, are now examined 5 months after your last involvement, along with all the subjects from the second semester, attributing to a study break of stress and exam results which I truly feel benefit the best ‘crammer’, and not the best student”

Liam Ashton

Image Credit: Rachael Farrell