Engineering drops in CAO first preferences

Credit: OCSC

The numbers of CAO first preference applications for Engineering in DCU has risen despite a decrease of 5 per cent in first preference Engineering applications nationally.

Within DCU, Electronic and Computer Engineering has risen by more than 80 per cent, Biomedical Engineering is up just over 61 per cent and its common entry to Engineering has also risen, with an increase of 16 per cent, this is according to the latest figures released by the CAO (Central Applications Office).

“Yes, it is very encouraging to see the positive interest in studying Engineering at DCU this year.” said DCU’s Executive Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computing Dr Barrry McMullin.

This increase in first preference applications comes after high profile attempts in the Engineering sector to tackle a skills crisis facing its sector as well as changes made within the programmes in DCU’s Engineering courses.

The 80 per cent increase in Electronic and Computer Engineering first preference choices comes after measured efforts within the School of Electronic Engineering  such as the restructuring of courses, high quality Open Day presence with high visibility of the Engineering Society and a targeted second-level school visit campaign.

“These have been carefully designed with the buoyant electronic and computer engineering jobs market in mind and comprise majors in systems and devices, high speed communications, digital interaction, and the internet of things.” said the Head of the School of Electronic Engineering, Dr Conor Brennan, of the course changes.

“The increase in popularity of our courses, specifically in the areas of law, engineering and business reflects a desire amongst school-leavers to develop skills through industry-relevant programmes.” said DCU’s president Prof. Brian MacCraith.

According to these figures almost 6,000 students have selected one of DCU’s undergraduate programmes as their first choice in the CAO first round application, the highest ever in the history of the university

Aoife Horan

Image Credit: OCSC