DCUSU election results: Niall Behan elected President as election sees highest voter turnout in SU history

By Hayley Halpin

The crowd awaits the DCUSU Election results 2017.

The results are in and the incoming DCU Students’ Union sabbatical team have been elected, with Niall Behan winning the position of DCUSU President.

With the highest voter turn out in DCUSU history, hundreds of students packed DCU’s Nubar to hear Acting Returning Officer Andy Dunne announce the results.

DCUSU President

Niall Behan was elected as DCUSU President 2017/18. A total of 4,996 valid votes were counted for the position of president. After four rounds of counts, Behan received a final 2201 votes.

Eimear Maguire came a close second with 1814 votes. James Rooney, Sarah Sweeney and Ricardo Valdes-Bango were knocked out before the final vote count.

Speaking to The College View just minutes after the results were announced, Behan said: “I genuinely thought I had lost there. Up until the time the voting closed, I really didn’t expect it to be that close. I either thought that one of the other candidates were going to be out in front. I genuinely, genuinely didn’t expect it to be that close.”

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“What kept me motivated this was the fact that the other candidates had been running such sublime campaigns. I never expected to come into a race and honestly feel that the DCU Students’ Union was going to be in such a good place next year.

“Seeing everyone else’ races kept me going. At every turn I had to keep working to get there. I just had to keep working because of the absolute standard of everyone else that was running,” Behan said.

VP for Academic Affairs

Meanwhile, the sole candidate for the position of Academic Affairs, Brendan Power secured the position. With 1956 total valid votes for this position, Power won 1658 of the votes. 298 people voted to re-open nominations.

VP for Welfare & Equality

Padraig Henry was elected as VP for Welfare & Equality 2017/18. A total of 3634 valid votes were counted for this position. Following three rounds of counts, Henry received a final 1743 votes.

Jason Bolton came in second place with a final 1403 votes.

The remaining two candidates Olivia Nwachukwa and Maria Lawlor were knocked out in the first and second rounds.

Speaking to The College View after the results were announced, Henry said: “I’m so happy with such a tight race. It pushed both of us to the edge. I genuinely didn’t think I had it.

“At the start, I thought it was between just me and Jason but as the campaigns went on, I was absolutely sh*tting my boots because all four of us has something above the table.

“I feel so bad for the others because I know how I’d feel if it didn’t happen,” Henry said.

VP for Engagement & Development

Siobhan McTague snatched up the position of VP for Engagement & Development for 2017/18. A total of 3,009 valid votes were counted for this position. McTague received 1,730 votes.

McTague’s only other competitor, Shaun Kerrs received 1,231 votes, while 58 people voted to re-open nominations.

“I’m in total shock, to be honest with you,” McTague told The College View.

“I ran a very good campaign but at the same time you never think that you can do enough, you really, really don’t. I’m just so excited to be elected. I’m ready for the position and I can’t wait to do an amazing job next year,” she said.

On what her next move will be, McTague said: “You’re in such a world wind. You’re not eating, you’re not sleeping, you’re campaigning, you’re fighting. That’s what I’m going to do for the next year, but for now it’s a lot of thank you’s and maybe a good sleep.”

VP for Education & Placement 

Finally, Mathew Davey was elected to the position of VP for Education & Placement for 2017/18. Davey was the sole candidate to run for this position.

A total of 2,419 valid votes were counted for this position, with Davey securing 2,144 votes. A total of 275 people voted to re-open nominations for this position.

Part time positions: 

Science and Health Convenor: Callaghan Commons

Humanities Convenor: Craig McHugh

Business Convenor: Bryan Mulry

Engineering and Computing Representative: Emilio Williams Doran

Irish Officer: Caoimhe Ní Chonghaile

Society Officer: Emily Hardy

Clubs Officer: Thomas Dorian

Postgraduate Officer: Alan Stevenson

Institute of Education Representative: Olivia Forde

Hayley Halpin

Photo: Rebecca Lumley