USI Congress: New Officer Board elected

VP Equality and Citizenship, Síona Cahill, addresses Congress

Eight new Union of Students in Ireland officers were elected this morning, following voting which took place at the annual USI Congress yesterday. 

USI Congress is a meeting of delegates and Students’ Unions of all USI affiliated colleges in Ireland. It decides the policy issues the Union will focus on for the coming year and elects a new Officer Board.

Incoming USI officers are:


Michael Kerrigan- 209 votes

RON- 9 votes

Quota- 106 votes

Kerrigan was elected.

VP Academic Affairs

Oisín Hassan- 206 votes

RON- 5 votes

Quota- 106 votes

Hassan was elected.

VP Welfare

Daniel Kahn- 23 votes

Niamh Murtagh- 131 votes

RON- 55 votes

Quota- 105 votes

VP Campaigns

Amy Kelly- 124 votes

Dylan McGowan- 69 votes

Séan Cassidy- 18 votes

RON- 0 votes

Quota- 106 votes

Kelly was elected. Séan Cassidy was the first DCU student to run for a position on the USI Officer Board to completion.

VP Equality and Citizenship

Síona Cahill- 201 votes

RON- 8 votes

Quota- 105 votes

Cahill was elected for her second term as VP Equality and Citizenship.

VP BMW (Border, Midlands and West)

Jimmy McGovern- 50 votes

Kevin Ronan- 14 votes

RON- 0

Quota- 33 votes.

McGovern was elected.

VP South

Michelle Byrne- 31 votes

Shane Falvey- 24 votes

RON- 1 vote

Quota- 29 votes

Byrne was elected.

VP Irish Language

Laoighseach Ní Choistealbha- 203 votes

RON- 8 votes

Quota- 106 votes

Ní Choistealbha was elected.

RON stands for re-open nominations and re-starts the campaign process for candidates running in the particular race. 

Rebecca Lumley

Image Credit: Rebecca Lumley