What to wear for an internship?

Niamh Dunne

For those of you who are unsure how to dress for your upcoming intra placement or internships this summer, writer Niamh Dunne takes a look at appropriate office wear that will have you blending into the office furniture.

As summer is nearing, for many of us that means summer internships. As this is just another step forward in our careers, some of us are struggle to identify what is appropriate to wear yet remaining stylish and chic.

First thing before entering the professional workforce, there are a few tips when choosing your outfit. Simple clothing and colours is key when on an internship. I would avoid any bold or outrageous colours. Colours such as black, white, grey, camel or baby blue are perfect for office wear.

For an internship, I would recommend culottes any day of the week. Culottes are an outfit essential for work wear. Not only are they very professional, they are also incredibly stylish. Culottes are a very versatile piece that you can style almost anything with. Pair them with a white frill blouse or even a grey turtle neck jumper.

Now if culottes aren’t your forte, then why not try black jeans. Black jeans look formal and professional for an internship. Much like the culottes you can style them with various blouses, shirts, or a classic turtle neck.

Button down skirts with tights are also ideal they are a chic clothing item to wear to the office. Again, the same with jeans, don’t wear denim as black is more professional and appropriate.

For guys, a simple shirt with a pair of chinos is the ideal outfit for the office. Throw on a pair of black or brown shoes and you’re good to go.

As you can see there are so many different outfits to wear for an internship. All of these pieces can be found in any retail stores. No matter where you are working there are plenty of ways to look stylish and professional.

Niamh Dunne