3v3 tournament triumph for DCU Basketball

Brian Ashton nails a lay-up. Credit: Mark Carroll.

Books, essays and theses, normally the main focus for students around this time of year. As we enter the final week of semester, students’ lives become consumed by examinations and stress. However on Wednesday April 11th, many closed the laptops, put down the books and skipped their scheduled trips to the library.

DCU Basketball Club hosted a recreational three versus three basketball tournament at DCU Sports Hall for teams of four with any or no basketball experience to participate. The event proved a hit as over twenty teams of students from all courses and backgrounds came to escape the stress of this time of year.

“There’s a very good atmosphere here,” Danny Quinn, a participant who enjoyed the event told the College View. “Myself, I haven’t played, played a bit of GAA before and I just said I’ll come in for the craic,” he continued.

The friendly atmosphere saw teams split into four groups with each team playing every team in their group, the top two qualified for the overall quarter finals. The games proved competitive but spirited as most were just happy to escape the stress of university life.

Horhac’s Angels, led by Kevin O’Hanlon triumphed on the evening after a thrilling 7-6 victory over Duran Duraunt that saw O’Hanlon score the match winning basket in the first minute of overtime to ensure victory.

Although down a player before the beginning of the event, Horhac’s Angels still managed to go all the way. “Our team is named after him, Horhac’s Angels so we would just like to dedicate that victory to him,” O’Hanlon spoke of the missing player.

O’Hanlon also highlighted the importance of such an event to give students a chance to escape from examinations and unwind at such a crucial time in semester; “It’s great to get away from the stress.”

Gavin Quinn

Image Credit: Mark Carroll